MOMA - My Next 20

MOMA 21 Umberto Boccioni Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, Dynamism of a Soccer Player MOMA 22 Andy Warhol Campbell-s Soup Cans MOMA 23 Edvard Munch The Storm MOMA 24 Gustav Klimt Hope II
MOMA 25 Paul Gauguin The Seed of the Areoi MOMA 26 Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair MOMA 27 Paul Klee Cat and Bird MOMA 28 Joan Miro Hirondelle Amour
MOMA 29 Willem de Kooning Woman, I MOMA 30 Wifredo Lam The Jungle MOMA 31 Alberto Giacometti Man Pointing MOMA 32 Vincent van Gogh Portrait of Joseph Roulin
MOMA 33 Jackson Pollock White Light,The She-Wolf MOMA 34 Paul Cezanne Still Life with Apples MOMA 35 Frida Kahlo Fulang Chang and I Charlotte Ryan and Jerome Ryan MOMA 36 Constantin Brancusi Young Bird, Blond Negress, II, Maiastra, Endless Column, The Cock, Bird in Space
MOMA 37 Mark Rothko Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea MOMA 38 Frank Stella Empress of India, Jo Baer Primary Light Group Red Green Blue, Sol LeWitt Serial Project I, Donald Judd Untitled, I Donald Judd Untitled (Stack) MOMA 39 Michelangelo Pistoletto Man with Yellow Pants, Charlotte Ryan MOMA 40-1 Pablo Picasso Two Acrobats with a Dog, Vase of Flowers, Ma Jolie, The Charnel House, The Kitchen
MOMA 40-2 Pablo Picasso Bather, Two Nudes, Les Demoiselles d-Avignon,Repose, Vase of Flowers, Card Player, Glass Guitar And Bottle, Woman With A Guitar, Vladimir Baranoff-Rossine Symphony Number 1 MOMA 40-3 Pablo Picasso The Studio, Harlequin