K2 Best Photos

03 Islamabad Shah Faisal Mosque 14 Team Photo At Thongol - Jerome Ryan, guide Iqbal, cook Ali, porters Syed, Muhammad Khan, and Muhammad Siddiq, sirdar Ali Naqi 03 Climbing Zig Zag Steps Cut Out Of A Rock Blocking The Trail From Askole To Korophon With Choricho 27 Muztagh Tower From Baltoro Glacier On Trek From Goro II to Concordia
35 Broad Peak Central And Main Summits From Baltoro Glacier Between Goro II and Concordia 11 Gasherbrum IV With Gasherbrum II Behind From Concordia 08 K2 Close Up From Concordia Afternoon 01 Concordia Campsite below Mitre Peak
17 Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum I South Close Up 09 Paiju Peak From Khoburtse At Sunrise 13 Uli Biaho Tower Close Up From Khoburtse Just After Sunrise 21 Porter Hayder Khan At Khoburtse Just After Sunrise
18 Jerome Ryan Poses Above Lake On Baltoro Glacier With Great Trango Tower And Trango Castle Behind 13 Trango Monk And Trango Nameless Tower Close Up From Baltoro Glacier Between Paiju And Khoburtse 04 K2 Pokes Out To The Right Of The Cathedral Just Before Sunset From Paiju 26 Sunrise Over The Baltoro Glacier And Braldu River From Just Before Paiju
08 Skardu Khardong Hill And Kharpocho Fort Reflected In The Indus River 20 Sand Dunes Near Skardu 10 Nanga Parbat Rakhiot Face, Rakhiot Peak, Silver Saddle, East Peak, Silver Plateau, Summit, North Peaks On Flight From Islamabad To Skardu 08 Road Though Braldu Gorge To Askole Slants Dangerously Towards The Roaring Braldu River
20 Lobsang Spire From Khoburtse Just After Sunrise 16 Trango Castle From Khoburtse Early Morning 13 Masherbrum Close Up In Late Afternoon Sun From Goro II 15 Masherbrum Close Up At Sunrise From Goro II
17 Yermanendu Kangri, Masherbrum, Mandu Peak Just After Sunrise From Goro II 33 Gasherbrum IV And Gasherbrum II Close Up From Baltoro Glacier Between Goro II and Concordia 18 K2 Close Up At Sunset From Concordia 19 Gasherbrum IV At Sunrise From Concordia
24 Sunrise On K2 Summit From Concordia 25 K2 Just After Sunrise From Concordia 32 Broad Peak North Summit, Central Summit And Main Summit Early Morning From Near Concordia 33 K2 Full View With Angel Angelus Peak From Near Concordia In The Morning
06 Gasherbrum IV Summit Close Up From Upper Baltoro Glacier On Trek To Shagring Camp 11 Green Glacial Lake On Upper Baltoro Glacier With Mitre Peak Behind 12 Shagring Camp On The Upper Baltoro Glacier With Baltoro Kangri 13 Chogolisa Late Afternoon From Shagring Camp On Upper Baltoro Glacier
15 Chogolisa I And Long Ridge To Chogolisa II Close Up Late Afternoon From Shagring Camp On Upper Baltoro Glacier 14 Gasherbrum IV Summit Peaks Out Of Clouds At Sunset From Goro II