29A The White Pass and Yukon Route Train At Skagway Alaska 29B The White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad Depot At Skagway Alaska 29C The Railroad Building 1900 Skagway Alaska 30 The Centennial Statue By Chuck Buchanan With A Tlingit Leading A Stampeder At Skagway Alaska
31 The Arctic Brotherhood Hall With Letters AB Is Now The Visitor Information Center In Skagway Alaska 32 Retail Stores In Skagway Alaska 33A Jeff Smiths Parlor - He Controlled An Underworld Of Gamblers and Swindlers In Skagway Alaska 33B Fatal Duel Plaque Frank Reid Shot Soapy Jeff Smith Who Failed To Stop When Challenged July 8, 1898 In Skagway Alaska
34 Red Onion Saloon Was Built In 1898 In Skagway Alaska 35 The Golden North Hotel Started Operating In 1898 In Skagway Alaska 36 The Mascot Saloon Dates From 1898 And Was One Of More Than 80 Saloons In Skagway Alaska 37 The Pack Train Building Dates From 1900 With The Trail Proclaiming U-AU-TO-NO-THE-TRAIL In Skagway Alaska
38 Old Customs Building Was Built By WPYR Railroad And Leased To The Government In Skagway Alaska 39A The Moore Cabin Is The Oldest Structure In Skagway And Was Built By Captain William Moore in 1887-88 In Skagway Alaska 39B The Moore House In Skagway Alaska 40 Looking Down Broadway From 5th Ave In Skagway Alaska
41 The Eagles Hall Features The Days Of 98 Show, Alaskas Longest Running Theater Production In Skagway Alaska 42 Bust Of Mollie Walsh Who Came To Skagway Unaccompanied In 1897 In Skagway Alaska 43 McCabe College Was Built In 1899 Of Native Granite And Now Houses The Skagway Museum And City Hall In Skagway Alaska 44 The Gutfield Residence Was Built In 1918 And Now Houses The Historic Skagway Inn In Skagway Alaska
45 The Plantation Style White House Was Built In 1902 In Skagway Alaska 46 The Gault House From 1899 Was The Home Of Roy Gault From WPYR In Skagway Alaska 47 The First Presbyterian Church Was Built In 1901 Making It The Oldest Gold Rush Church In Skagway Alaska 48 Looking Up The River From The End Of Skagway Alaska
49A We Returned To Whitehorse Yukon By Bus From Skagway Alaska 49B The Road From Skagway Climbed Higher And Higher On The Bus To Whitehorse Yukon 49C The Road From Skagway Climbed To The Pass 3292 Feet On The Bus To Whitehorse Yukon